About Brisa. Inspired by Brisa Rochés multifaceted voice and her strong personality. Singer, songwriter and founder of her music label Black-Ash-Production . Mother, painter and creative multi-talent.

What does music mean to you? Brisa : Music means connecting to an invisible world of images, emotions and movement. Through music I instinctively and spontaneously create moods and stories, letting dreams, experiences, feelings and imagination come through me and feeling free, not thinking too much.

What does it mean to you - your music, lyrics? Brisa: Most of my lyrics relate to personal experiences. They can be ´letters' to someone, a real or more universal person, and the idea is to describe a situation that would make anyone feel emotions, so that the song gives people a moment and a place to connect to their emotions and find courage, realizing they are not alone and others (me at leqast ) have felt it too and survived, or even made something beautiful out of it.

do you want to tell something about your own label? Brisa: I created my label Black Ash in 2017, in order to be more independent and circumvent the "waiting for/searching for/trying to convince partners delays" before releasing records. My goal was to be able to produce my own records and also to produce records for other artists. It is very difficult for women to be taken seriously as producers in my industry, I hoped having a label might help.